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Who is currently featured?
Testimony's criteria for selecting it's featured individuals is simple:
  1. A sincere belief in Jesus Christ as one's savior and Lord.
  2. A desire to share this belief with others ... to tell one's testimony.

Featured Personalities
Testimony has completed production on the following two stories and is in-progress on the third.

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"Authenticity in Music City"
Steve Green
The life of Nashville Christian musician Steve Green seems picture perfect. He was born the son of missionaries, attended Christian schools, sang for Christian bands and launched his own music ministry in 1983. But there was a time when an internal struggle raged between the Steve Green everyone saw on stage and the Steve Green only Steve knew. Steve shares, that except for a spiritual confrontation with his brother, he may have lost it all. Find out how this confrontation changed his life forever.

"Forgiven for Life"
David Berkowitz
The "Son of Sam" is perhaps one of the most infamous serial killers in US history. His mid 1970's reign of terror in New York City resulted in 13 shootings and a city gripped by fear. But today, the man behind the mayhem, David Berkowitz, is a new person. Hear David's own story of how he found forgiveness in life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. See for yourself if God can truly change the heart of a serial killer.

"Standing on the Rock"
Todd Huston
Todd Huston knows first-hand what it takes to overcome incredible challenges. When his legs got caught in the propeller of a boat at age 14, his life was radically changed. Because of this accident, one of his legs had to be amputated. Todd shares how through this painful ordeal, he found out what really matters in life - a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. See how Todd's faith led him in 1994 to take his message of hope nationwide through his world record-setting "Summit America" expedition. With only one leg, Todd climbed the highest elevations in each of the 50 states in only 67 days breaking the original record by a total of 35 days!

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