WHERE   can I watch?
can I buy?

Where can I watch?
Currently Testimony producers are in the process of developing interest in the series with the following networks: Trinity Broadcasting Network, Total Living Network, FamilyNet, Daystar Television Network, Evangelische Omroep, Inspiration Network, iLife-TV, The Hallmark Channel, The Dream Network, The Word Network, Cross-TV and People-TV.

Additional networks that are under consideration are: Pax-TV, Crossroads Christian Communications, Christian Network Incorporated, Cornerstone TeleVision, Eternal World Television Network, LeSEA Broadcasting Network, The National Network, 3 Angels Broadcasting Network and the Public Broadcasting System.

Once an agreement is reached with one of these networks, information will be posted here to let you know exactly when and where the series can be seen. Until then Testimony is being aired on several of the above networks on a trial basis to gauge potential sponsor and audience interest.

Where can I buy?
Individual copies of the shows can be obtained by calling Inertia Films at 404-681-3900, or sending a request to inertiafilms@mindspring.com. The cost of one episode is $18 which includes shipping and handling in the US.

Current episodes available for purchase:
"Authenticity in Music City" - Steve Green (running time 23:30)
"Forgiven for Life" - David Berkowitz (running time 24:00)

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