HOW   is it funded?
can I help?
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How is it funded?
The estimated budget for each show is $45,000 making the total production budget for a season of twenty-six shows $1.2 million dollars. The production budget is a direct reflection of Testimony's commitment to bring these spiritual biographies to life in a manner that is quality driven and mainstream. This means having to outlay a great deal of expense toward obtaining the necessary images to illustrate the featured personality's story. This involves extensive travel related to shooting on location, the payment of licensing fees for the broadcast rights to existing footage and the creation of reenactments to dramatize key events. Thus far Testimony producers have funded the production of the first three episodes of the series. The current status of the series demonstrates that its producers can create and deliver a quality show. The interest by a number of networks both regional and national shows that effective distribution of such a spiritual biography series is indeed possible. The series and its producers now seek interested sponsors and donors who would like to join the Testimony team and bring these important stories of God's transforming power in people's lives to the television screen. Please call 404-681-3900 if you would like to find out more information about sponsoring a Testimony episode or send us an email at

How can I help?
The key to Testimony's success is through viewers, supporters and friends like you. Here are some ways you can help:
1. pray - The main way you can help us is to pray that God would open up doors of opportunity as we seek to tell the story of his impact in people's lives.
2. write - If you happen to catch a Testimony episode at one of the networks which is currently airing the series then write the network a note and encourage them to produce more shows like this. Viewer feedback is one of the main ways Christian based networks make programming choices. The easiest way to do this is to send us the email then we'll forward it to the proper parties at the network. Be sure to tell us when and where you saw the show and which episode you were able to view.
3. suggest - If you know of a personality you think we should cover for a future episode then let us know.
4. inform - Perhaps you might know of someone or some company who would be interested in helping us financially. Any information you could provide us about potential sponsors would be greatly appreciated.
5. sponsor - Finally, perhaps you are in a position to sponsor or give financially to such a series. Our goal is that eventually we will be able to make the series a for-profit venture that could attract potential investors. Please call 404-681-3900 if you would like to find out more information about sponsoring a Testimony episode or send us an email.

How can I obtain a copy?
Individual copies of the shows can be obtained by calling Inertia Films at 404-681-3900, or sending a request to The cost of one episode is $18 which includes shipping and handling in the US.

Current episodes available for purchase:
"Authenticity in Music City" - Steve Green (running time 23:30)
"Forgiven for Life" - David Berkowitz (running time 24:00)

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